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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thanks! --¡Gracias!

In the last few weeks God has put various people and businesses that have lent a friendly hand to EM's directors, Miriam & Carlos Peralta. In Indiana, Bob Cradall ( provided generous resources that made this Internet site possible, and Karen Failor of SCCC ( laboriously worked to create EM's website. In Miami FL, Samuel Rodríguez and his father the Rev. Dr. Antonio Rodríguez have been instrumental so that Encuentro Ministries would have quality brochures and prayer cards. In Orange City FL, Manny Delgado who owns Maranatha Auto Repair (386) 775-8326, took it upon himself to put our mini-van, which already has over 150,000 miles, in condition for our long trips from Florida to New Jersey, DC, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania over the next two months. In Pennsylvania, Fred Jones of MarshCreekSigns ( helped us greatly so that we would have some pretty awesome banners. Victor Rey from Wristband Connection ( in Texas, offered his experience and service to us in making the ICAREFORMYPASTOR wristbands in a timely manner. To all of them, a huge thanks for your help. Your contribution to this ministry helps us to be able to continue offering pastoral care, training, and resources for those in ministry with Hispanics.

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